Cantina Dorgali

Way back in 1953, on the eastern coast of Sardinia, a group of farmers from Dorgali founded Cantina Dorgali, which has constantly grown over more than a half century and is now one of the biggest names on the Sardinian wine-making scene.
Today Cantina Dorgali faces a new challenge: a project aimed at developing and enriching the wines traditionally produced, with a view to bringing out the very best in the local culture, history and traditions. A key role in this effort is played by the Cannonau, the leading grape variety in the region’s wine-making tradition, which in this area – thanks to the particular characteristics of the soil and the climate – boasts a series of varietal features hitherto little known and with considerable unexplored potential.

Cantina Dorgali & Kara Sardegna

Cantina Dorgali has a partneship with Kara Sardegna® known as an important leader for on-line sale and distribution of typical Sardinian products.
This partnership represents for Cantina Dorgali a development opportunity in the e-commerce area.
Cantina Dorgali